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A member community of the Rocky Mountain Region

of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion

"Everybody's Catholic Church"

Traditionally sacramental and liturgical, radically inclusive,
and active channels of God's grace in the world,
we commit to being "in the city for good." 
All are welcome to join us in worship, at table, in service and in advocacy.


Club Q Shooting

In the wake of yet another hate crime against our LGBTQAI+ siblings,

may the light of affirmation
overcome the darkness.

Presiding Bishop Pablo's reflection
Bishop Kae's prayer
& a statement of
the Colorado Council of Churches

gay friendly church

See our challenge to the exclusion of queer kids and same-sex couples

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In this we are a Eucharistic People,
the Body of Christ incarnate,
the Blood of Christ poured out for the life of the world.


There's more than one way to be Catholic.

As part of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion,
we are a progressive, all-inclusive community
living and worshiping in the ancient Catholic tradition. 

We believe in the real and active presence of Christ
in Word, Sacrament and Community.  

Aware of God’s inclusive love,
we believe that Christ invites all to receive from his table.

Every member of the church shares in
the discernments and decisions of our common life.

Individuals are called forward to assume
the various lay and ordained ministries of the church
out of the diversity of our membership—
married or in committed unions/single/divorced,
young/old, straight/gay/bi. 

all are welcome

Saturdays at 4:30 p.m.

Believing in the real presence
of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist,
in the Ecumenical Catholic Communion we practice Eucharistic hospitality. 
All are welcome to this table
for Jesus is the Way,
cleared not by our own merits
but by the Truth of his redeeming love,
leading us to himself
and to the Life he promises.

Daily Prayer via Zoom

Weekdays, 9:00-9:30 a.m.

Begun as an Advent devotion in 2019, this Zoom gathering
continued through the COVID-19 pandemic
as a way of maintaining our sense of community bonding.

Sharing about the Scripture readings of the day,
we continue to grow in our knowledge of
our faith, ourselves and our companions on the journey.
The reflections conclude with prayers for the world.

Zoom link provided via daily email reminders.
Please fill out contact info below to get on our list.

Book Study via Zoom

Saturdays, 9:00-10:00 a.m.

These Zoom gatherings begin with our reflecting on the daily readings,
then move into our book sharing.

Zoom link (same as Daily Prayer provided via email reminders.
Please fill out contact info below to get on our list.

Current study:

The Forty Parables of Jesus
by Gerhard Lohfink and Linda M. Maloney




3250 East 6th Avenue, Denver, CO

corner of 6th and Adams

Contact Us

Mailing Address:  3239 S. Xanadu St., Aurora, CO, USA


Fr. Donald F. Sutton, pastor


Fr. Michael J. Nicosia,
Regional Vicar of Ecumenical Engagement



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