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"a different way to be Catholic"

A member community of the Rocky Mountain Region

of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion

Traditionally sacramental and liturgical, radically inclusive,
and active channels of God's grace in the world,
we commit to being "in the city for good." 
All are welcome to join us in worship, at table, in service and in advocacy.


From the 2024 ECC Synod Liturgy Team:

Our Prayer for Synod

God on High, the mountains are radiant with your glory.
Through your Christ the dawn from on high
has broken upon us and lights our way.
+ Bless our preparations for our Holy Synod,
that we may be better bearers of the fire

that gives light to the world.
This we ask and can do, empowered by your Spirit,
in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Regular liturgical use of the prayer above is encouraged,
to be prayed at Masses, local council and delegate meetings, and other communal gatherings.

The Synod Liturgy Team also appreciates the more encompassing themes of the following prayer composed by Bishop Kedda, for use in newsletters and bulletins as a meditation resource.

Meditation in Anticipation of
the ECC Holy Synod

Source of all, our God, we lift up our beloved Ecumenical Catholic Communion
as it prepares to gather for our Holy Synod.

We do so knowing that all who gather have one primary responsibility
– to discern the movement of the Holy Spirit among us, your will for us,
your desire to reveal to us how it is we best honor our commitments
to see the future you envision for us.

At our Holy Synod, through our prayers together, our worship together,
our dialogue together, our play together, our hearing of each other,
and our silence in the times required for us to discern,
deepen our love for each other and strengthen our commitments
to build a just world for all.

Let our laughter be rich, our love deep, and our joy without bound.

Unravel whatever it is that keeps us from hearing you
and clear space in our hearts for your wisdom.

Out of the work of this holy gathering may we live out more fully
our call to be proclaimers of your love in the world
and agents of your justice for all.

We come to you through Christ Jesus who is alive with you,

in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, now and forever. Amen.

all are welcome

There's more than one way to be Catholic.

As part of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion,
we are a progressive, all-inclusive community
living and worshiping in the ancient Catholic tradition. 

We believe in the real and active presence of Christ
in Word, Sacrament and Community.  

Aware of God’s inclusive love,
we believe that Christ invites all to receive from his table.

Every member of the church shares in
the discernments and decisions of our common life.

Individuals are called forward to assume
the various lay and ordained ministries of the church
out of the diversity of our membership—
married or in committed unions/single/divorced,
young/old, straight/gay/bi. 

gay friendly church

LGBTQIA+ Affirmations

May the light of affirmation

overcome the darkness.

See the latest call to action from Colorado Faith Communities United to end gun violence (CFCU) on Our Partners page.

The Colorado Council of Churches (CCC) is hosting a series of webinars to raise community awareness of some dimensions of the intolerance that currently plagues our Nation.

Three-part educational series:

Last in this year's series

"Why Christians should know about Islamophobia"

VIEW the recorded presentation by Ahmed Salih, a volunteer khateeb (a person who delivers the Friday sermons) at the Islamic Society of Colorado Springs.

His wi-fi was spotty, so see his Powerpoint HERE.

The first in this educational series:
"What is #ChristianNationalism,
and why is everyone talking about it now?"

presented by Iliff School of Theology's Rev. Dr. Amanda Henderson. Video LINK.

PDF of a list of resources that she shared.

(See Fr. Michael's reflection HERE)

The second in the series:
"What Christians need to know about Antisemitism"

presented by the Anti Defamation League's regional director, Scott Levin.

Video LINK 

The Vatican recently promulgated a Declaration that denies the inherent dignity
of Intersex, Transgender and Non-binary persons.
Read Fr. Michael's reflection,

A Gay, Married Priest's Response
to "On Human Dignity”

Also catch Bishop Kae's response HERE.

Prayers for our Lutheran siblings 
of the Rocky Mountain Synod and their
newly-elected next Bishop:

The Rev. Dr. Meghan Johnston Aelabouni

Bishop-elect Meghan is a doctoral candidate in religious studies and a country coordinator for the ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission program in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

We thank God and extend our heart-felt  appreciation for the ministry of out-going Bishop Jim Gonia,
who opened to us the door of hospitality and partnership in mission and worship.

Read more about our Catholic/Lutheran Relations here.

We partner with Rev. Diana Flahive and her associates
in ministering to the needs of our neighbors.

See our What's Happening page for updates.


We hold our siblings in the Holy Land close during this time of escalated violence, and we raise our prayers to the heavens.  We acknowledge that Jews, Muslims and Christians consider this land of promise to be sacred and call it home.  We grieve not only the loss of life and and condemn all acts of terror; we also grieve the hard-heartedness that has kept people from negotiating peaceful resolutions to their conflicts and has brought us to this crisis. And so we pray...

God of All, You are to us the Father of Promise, the Mother of All Consolations. As the psalmist prayed, "in the day of distress we call to You, for surely You will answer" (Ps 86:7).  Distress is again at hand, felt in searing tears and bones chilled to the core by the horrors on display.  War and devastation have again disrupted our hope for peace in the Holy Land — holy because it is there that you have promised to draw all peoples to Yourself.  You established it as a place of safety and bounty for the anawhim, the poor ones who sought refuge from oppression while remaining faithful to You in times of difficulty.  Help us to remain faithful to humility, faithful to justice, faithful as peace-makers, faithful to love.  Have mercy on us and grant us peace.  Amen.

On Monday, October 9th, Fr. Michael attended a Community Vigil for Peace in Israel at Temple Emmanuel, representing us and the Colorado Council of Churches.   (See article in the Denver Gazette.)  Fr. Michael's main takeaways: 

  • The Jewish community greatly appreciates our solidarity in this time of crisis and grief; visiting clergy thanked numerous times throughout the evening.

  • Almost everyone in the local community has family members or knows individuals are who are impacted in Israel.

  • The distinction was made between supporting Zionism (Israel's right to exist and have a safe home of their own) and certain policies of the current government.

  • Similarly, one can condemn Hamas/Hezbollah/Iranian regime (who vow to destroy the Israeli state) and support the Palestinian people.

  • Terrorism and acts of war are never justifiable.

  • Israel's defense is a rare issue that has bi-partisan support in Congress.

  • Denver Mayor Mike Johnston was incredibly eloquent, speaking heart to heart and journeying with those in crisis. He shared about how parents' hearts are outside of themselves — in their children, cherished as part of themselves. He went on to recognize how Jewish Americans' hearts are in Israel, and assured those in attendance that he and Denver are holding them, part of our hearts, part of us. 


the Spirit that unites us


Holy Conversation after Mass on June 3rd

Rather than defining ourselves as "not Roman"
we are claiming a more inclusive, even mystical,
way of being Church. 

View the video below
of Chancellor George Von Stamwitz's
so you're ready to join
in our exploration of our ECC identity.

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3250 East 6th Avenue, Denver, CO

corner of 6th and Adams

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Fr. Donald F. Sutton, Co-Pastor


Fr. Michael J. Nicosia, Co-Pastor

Regional Vicar of Ecumenical Engagement


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