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A member community of the Rocky Mountain Region

of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion

"Everybody's Catholic Church"

Traditionally sacramental and liturgical, radically inclusive,
and active channels of God's grace in the world,
we commit to being "in the city for good." 
All are welcome to join us in worship, at table, in service and in advocacy.

In this we are a Eucharistic People,
the Body of Christ incarnate,
the Blood of Christ poured out for the life of the world.


There's more than one way to be Catholic.

As part of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion,
we are a progressive, all-inclusive community
living and worshiping in the ancient Catholic tradition. 

We believe in the real and active presence of Christ
in Word, Sacrament and Community.  

Aware of God’s inclusive love,
we believe that Christ invites all to receive from his table.

Every member of the church shares in
the discernments and decisions of our common life.

Individuals are called forward to assume
the various lay and ordained ministries of the church
out of the diversity of our membership—
married or in committed unions/single/divorced,
young/old, straight/gay/bi. 

gay friendly church

LGBTQIA+ Affirmations

May the light of affirmation

overcome the darkness.


Rocky Mountain Regional Synod

Our first regional Synod - it's how we do church TOGETHER with every voice heard and honored! Along with the celebration of a Chrism Mass, we are planning for cross-pollination break-out sessions, a social justice project and of course good food! (Zoom links and detailed Schedule will be emailed,)

Remote participation available!


An Invitation from the Regional Council

March 31, 2023


Dear Members of the Rocky Mountain Region,


We invite you to take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

Let’s just be here.

On the threshold of Palm Sunday.

With anticipation of the poignant proclamations of Word
          and sense-ations of Holy Week

Within the Body of Christ, broken and poured out for us…
          even now

Practicing our Resurrection dance.


Let’s be here

Invited to our first regional Holy Synod Gathering
          on April 22nd

All invited To be together – five communities -

In prayer and conversation and service and celebration

Blessing the shared sacramental oils
          for the sick, initiation, the sacred chrism
          – together

Recommitting to serve Christ and the people of God
          as lay and ordained –

Stronger together.


Let’s imagine being together

Our laity of all ages and stages

Our deacons and priests

Our bishops: Kae, Pablo and Francis

Our ECC chancellor and keynote, George Von Stamwitz

Sharing ourselves, giving and receiving |

With shared resources creating blessing bags
          for those in need

Re-membering and celebrating why we are parts
          of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion.

Dreaming ourselves stronger together.


Our Resurrection Dance

Is active, prophetic, grounded in the incarnation –

You and I conceived
          with the Body of Christ within us –

That we might become

And become

And become

The light and life and love of God





Our Regional Council members
          extend a personal invitation:

Be with us
In this Holy Week holy month, holy day and hours.

And we shall be with you.


Much love, The Regional Council:

          Tom, Rosean, Don, Liz, Anne, Christine, Jack,
          Chuck, Alice, Michael and Kae


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3250 East 6th Avenue, Denver, CO

corner of 6th and Adams

Contact Us

Fr. Donald F. Sutton, pastor


Fr. Michael J. Nicosia,
Regional Vicar of Ecumenical Engagement


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