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St. Paul Denver ECC is one of 5 ECC churches in Colorado.
While each community is autonomous, we covenant together as the local church
under the leadership of our Rocky Mountain Regional Council
made up of lay and clergy representatives of our respective communities,
our elected local Bishop Kae Madden
and our Vicar of Ecumenical Engagement Fr. Michael Nicosia.

The voice of the Spirit within our communities guides
our holy conversations and consensus decision-making.

Fr. Don Sutton and Liz Begalla serve on the RMR Board representing
St. Paul Denver ECC,
While Fr. Michael, as regional vicar, is an ex-officio member.

Visit our siblings across the Region:

Church of the Holy Family 
8811 E. Hampden Ave, Suite 101, Denver, CO 80321
Mass 10am Sundays 

Church of the Beloved
at Northglenn United Church of Christ
10500 Grant Dr, Northglenn, CO 80233
Mass 5pm Saturdays 


Light of Christ Ecumenical Catholic Community
at Bethlehem Lutheran Church 
1000 W. 15th Ave, Longmont, CO 80501
Mass 5pm Saturdays and 9am Wednesdays

Mary of Magdala Community 
with their 301 Faith Partners
Trinity Lutheran Church and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
301 E. Stuart St, Fort Collins, CO 80525
Mass 12:30pm Sundays


A recording of our Regional educational seminar
ECC 101
can be found on the Rocky Mountain Region's
home page.

The Rocky Mountain Region of the ECC is a covenanting member of the


Walking together in faith, working together for justice is the mission of
our covenanting denominations, congregations and affiliated partners
as they come together to be the Colorado Council of Churches (CCC).

Together the member denominations of the Colorado Council of Churches can be a clearer voice and stronger witness for justice for all of God’s children than any one denomination can be by itself.

Our ECC Region's Bishop Kae Madden serves on the CCC Judicator Board, while our Vicar of Ecumenical Engagement, Fr. Michael Nicosia, chairs the CCC Board of Directors.  May Newsletter

SOCIAL JUSTICE ADVOCACY AT THE STATE CAPITAL.  In its fourth year, “Faithful Thursdays” is a diverse coalition of leaders, organizations and community members who are committed to adding a deeper, moral dimension to the public policy-making process in Colorado.  Our focus is to advance a faith narrative and collaborative process that supports a just economy, promotes equity, and eradicates racism in Colorado. 

We will hold opening and closing multi-faith events, with some possible intermittent programming during each session of the Colorado General Assembly.

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In 2021 we began worshipping at 6th and Adams 
in the Capital Hill district of Denver,
welcomed by 6thAveUCC

Still committed to being "in the city of good",
we were attracted to how active their community
is in both outreach to the surrounding
neighborhood and advocacy work with the same
social justice partners that we already had a
relationship with to extend our mission in the world.

We soon discovered that Pastor Chris Gilmore and the UCC community also have a passion for ecumenism,
and we began worshipping together for various feasts and ritual celebrations, e.g., Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, a blessing of animals, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


We are proud to partner with



The mission of Capitol Hill United Ministries (CHUM) is to be a spiritual presence and resource in the inner city of Denver, to practice hospitality, to advocate for our neighbors in need, and to strengthen and sustain our member communities, particularly through effective communication and cooperation, enhancing the ministry of all.

The Women's Homelessness Initiative is a consortium of faith-based organization working together to give sanctuary and hospitality every night to women who would be on our streets. What WHI offers is a chance to have these women – our women – be known, heard and cared for with compassion, dignity, respect and presence of heart.

StP regularly disseminates Diana Flahive's newsletters, letting us know of the needs of the week. Check the link on the What's Happening page for the latest.

Called by called our shared belief in the sacredness of human life to protect and preserve it, we join


Colorado Faith Communities United to End Gun Violence (CFCU) is the only faith-based organization in Colorado dedicated to ending gun violence.  As diverse faith communities, we work to reduce injuries, deaths, and the resulting grief caused by the improper use of firearms — whether suicidal, accidental, or criminal. We work together in areas where we can be most effective, including legislative advocacy, public health initiatives, public awareness, and increased engagement of our faith communities.

Special Edition: Spring at CFCU PDF


Colorado Ceasefire (www.coloradoceasefire.orgis the longest serving statewide, grassroots gun violence prevention organization in the State of Colorado. We are parents, teachers, students, community members, gun violence survivors and more who have been working for nearly twenty years to prevent and reduce gun violence in Colorado through education, outreach and legislative advocacy.  Our efforts are making a difference. See their 2023 Year in Review here.

          Ceasefire shared these 2022 stats on Colorado Gun Fatalities from The Colorado Department of Pubic Health and Environment:  1033 total firearm deaths; 690 suicides; 304 homicides; 10 unintended; 6 undetermined; 23 legal intervention.  Suicide numbers dropped slightly from 2021, but homicide numbers have been rising significantly in the last several years, especially in the pandemic time.   In 2014, there were only 101 firearm homicides. 

          On June 12th, the Denver Nuggets won their first championship ever (in 47 years as an NBA franchise), but the ensuing celebrations were marred by a mass shooting in LoDo leaving 10 people wounded, 3 critically. The shooting was the result of a drug deal gone awry.

          From June 1st to July 15th, 33 people died in gun homicides in Colorado, including a 14-year-old girl in Greeley, shot and killed by her 15-year-old former boyfriend.  As with all teen shootings, we should be asking: "How did they get the gun?"  Nine shootings (fatal and nonfatal) since June 1st have involved teens, either as victims or perpetrators. 

          To subscribe to Colorado Ceasefire's newsletter, fill out the form found here.


Members of the ECC are engaged in regular holy conversation and relationship-building among other jurisdictions in the Independent and Old Catholic Movement in the United States and around the world. 

Check out the ECC Synod2022 Keynote by Rev. Dr. Jayme Matthais to hear how the ECC Constellation appears in the Independent Catholic Night Sky.

Examples of our shared wisdom can be found in the quarterly publication

If you're looking for a welcoming and affirming Catholic community to worship with while traveling, visit

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